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Popular Add-Ons

Level up your first responders’ agency and make full use of the iPCR software with our popular add-on features. With iPCR’s popular add-ons, increase your EMS and administrative teams’ productivity and workflow so that patients are cared for properly, efficiently, and with timeliness.

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iPCR Popular Add-Ons

Get a patient care reporting software that your EMS team or fire department can rely on day in and day out. Our iPCR software includes all of the features that you and your team need for patient care reporting (PCR). Our software seamlessly integrates data from the iPads out in the field back to your computer in the office, no matter if it runs on iOS or Windows. Included in the base software are administrative, billing, in the field, and reports and CQI features. Additionally, we offer a couple of add-ons that are available to you. These add-ons help to fully systemize your agency while saving time and reducing errors. Have the ability to create schedules and eliminate redundant tasks amongst your crew. iPCR truly creates a well-rounded and optimized EMS experience for first responders, administrative personnel, and patients.

Benefits of iPCR Add-ons

  • Fully Systematize Your Agency
  • Save Time and Reduce Errors
  • Eliminate Redundant Tasks
  • Utilize Dispatch and Scheduling Tools
  • Share Patient Data with Other Hardware
  • Experience Real-Time PCR

Our EPCR Software’s Popular Add-Ons

  • iPCR Cloud Dispatch
  • Integration Adapter
  • Scheduling Tools
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iPCR Cloud Dispatch

This Cloud Dispatch add-on gives you and your EMS team additional cloud-based integration through computer-aided dispatch (CAD). Get real-time fleet tracking information and communication, plus the ability to pre-schedule calls. Safely store and retrieve all patient care and dispatch information in one place with this Cloud Dispatch EPCR integration for the iPCR software.

Integration Adapter

If your operation uses other products that would integrate well with our iPCR software, consider the Integration Adapter add-on. This feature makes it easy for you to link additional tools to avoid repetitive data entry. Some examples of the tools that can be integrated using this feature include monitors, CAD systems, and billing software. Patient data and other information can be seamlessly shared from one hardware to the next using this feature. Our Integration Adapter feature is sure to save time and reduce errors, and we highly recommend it if you use additional technologies that utilize patient data.

Scheduling Tools

Infographic Scheduling tools

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With so many electronic patient care reporting softwares available on the market, we understand if you want to test a few of them out first. You can try our iPCR software for free with our flexible trial period. We let you customize the trial length so that your EMS agency or fire department can get the full experience before you buy. Once you’ve completed your demonstration, you can immediately start setting up your crew with our comprehensive training process. Afterward, we will always be here to deliver world-class support and additional training as needed. Request your free trial today!


Discover All of iPCR’s Features



In the Field

Reports & CQI

These four features come standard with the iPCR software. Each is as unique as it is important, so be sure to click the links to learn more. Plus, if it sounds good on paper, imagine how great iPCR is in action! Request your free trial of our iPCR electronic patient care reporting software to try each feature out for yourself.

Choose iPCR iPad Software and Upgrade Your Crew’s Patient Care Reporting

Inspired by the real-world experiences of real first responders, iPCR was built to handle the daily grind of patient care reporting. Our goal is to transform loads of paperwork into simple, digital documents that capture every piece of vital patient information as quickly as possible. For more information about our ePCR software, contact us today!

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