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Administrative Features

While your EMS team is out on the field, you can keep track of everything as well as perform administrative tasks back at the office seamlessly on your computer. With iPCR’s Administrative features, you can keep in touch with your team and ensure that all emergency services are handled properly and efficiently.

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iPCR Administrative Software

For your EMS team or fire department, get a patient care reporting software that you can trust. Our iPCR software has all of the features that you and your team need. The software seamlessly integrates data from the iPads out in the field to your computer in the office, whether it runs iOS or Windows. Our administrative features are very important to ensure quality and accurate patient care reporting. It allows for a rounded and optimized EMS experience for all parties. Manage your PCRs and EMS team with the help of our software, iPCR.

Administrative Features of the iPCR Software

  • Native PC Setup
  • Internal Messaging Center
  • Cloud-Based Updates
  • Phone/Web Support and Training
  • Custom Field Creation
  • Repeat Patient Setup
  • Unlimited Tags Per iPad
  • Custom Workflow and Permissions

Easy Setup and Administration on PC

Set up and customize your iPCR software experience on your PC for use in the office. This way, administration staff and first responders can work together in real time.

Message Within Your Organization

iPCR includes an internal messaging feature so that administrative staff and first responders can stay in touch throughout the work day. This feature makes it very simple to review and discuss daily tasks, feedback, calls, and PCRs.

Cloud-Based Updates and Storage

You never have to worry about software downtime with iPCR — all of our software updates are done through the cloud. There is no need to keep IT professionals on call for whenever a new update comes out; it’s as easy as logging into the App Store and downloading! Plus, enjoy our remote servers and cloud storage to safely store every PCR, so you never have to worry about losing or misplacing a report again.

Web and Phone Support and Training

Every purchase of our iPCR software comes with unlimited phone and email support. We are dedicated to giving you the individual time and attention that you deserve when you have questions or need help supporting your team. We also offer personalized training that can be done on-site at an additional cost.

Custom Field Creation and Repeat Patient Setup

In the office, administrative staff can work on setting up PCR templates for the first responders, including adding custom fields and creating profiles for repeat patients.

Unlimited Tags Per iPad

Just as much as first responders are dedicated to saving as many lives as possible, our iPCR software is dedicated to lowering stress levels of EMS teams. With iPCR, there’s no need to worry about tag overages or making adjustments to a plan — we give you unlimited tags, no questions asked.

Create Custom Workflows and Permissions

Completely customize your experience with the iPCR software using our custom workflows and permissions features. Designate specific roles to certain users, build out a PCR from scratch, integrate existing protocols — it’s all possible both in the app and on your PC.

Hands-Free NEMSIS

We are dedicated to upholding quality standards, which is why we made our iPCR software NEMSIS-Compliant and NEMSIS Gold Certified. This ensures that all patient care reports adhere to your state’s standards. We even submit your data to the state on your behalf in real-time.

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With so many electronic patient care reporting softwares on the market, we understand if you want to test them out first. You can try our iPCR software for free with our flexible trial period. We let you customize the trial length so that your EMS agency or fire department can get the full experience before you buy. Request your free trial today!


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Inspired by the real-world experience of first responders, iPCR was built to handle the daily grind of patient care reporting. Our goal is to transform loads of paperwork into simple, digital documents that capture every piece of vital patient information as quickly as possible. For more information about our ePCR software, contact us today!

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