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iPCR Agency Relief Plan
Let Someone Else Pay to Get Your Agency Started…
Program Highlights
  • First 6-months of service is 100% free. (get your agency started with iPCR for ZERO)
  • Pre-negotiated state-sponsored pricing reductions. (after your free 6-months, you pay less than ever before)
  • One entirely free 3rd party integration included. (for example, a free monitor or billing integration)
  • Full transparency pricing you will find fair. (nothing hidden – you won’t be nickeled and dimed)
-Industry Best EPCR & Dispatch-
  • It’s a strange time for EMS… COVID, budget squeezes, and compliancy scrutiny is making it tough. iPCR, (the leader in EPCR & dispatch), is ready to help. Combining state-specific pre-negotiated rates with some grant procurement, we have unlocked a unique opportunity for your agency. We understand what your field users want in an application. We understand what your other departments need from their technology vendor.
  • INTRODUCING THE EMS Agency Relief Plan (ARP)
The iPCR Advantage
  • New innovations that make iPCR nearly as easy as the old “paper” reports.
  • One-Button Narrative: a game changing feature that truly makes medics happy.
  • All-in-one CAD options that make true agency dispatch an affordable reality.
  • Tech support that is reliable, fast, friendly, and always there.
  • The absolute fastest training and implementation in the industry – your agency will be live in days, not months