EMS agencies and fire departments must constantly engage in a challenging balancing act. How can your crew provide the best level of care, while also maintaining the agency’s budget? Not only must the direct cost of each emergency response be taken into account, but also the costs associated with 24-7 readiness. From vehicle maintenance and building utilities to staffing, supplies, and equipment, the secondary costs of running EMS agencies and fire departments cannot be underestimated. One of these costs is electronic patient care reporting software, as well as the hardware and IT support associated with it.

At iPCR, we provide ePCR software that won’t break your agency’s budget. In fact, our platform does the opposite. From direct purchase costs to ongoing expenses, our software minimizes the money you need to spend while maximizing the benefits for paramedics, patients, and administration. In today’s post, we’ll break down the budget-friendly benefits of iPCR electronic patient care reporting software to show just how affordable excellence can be. Request a demo to learn more about integrating iPCR into your EMS agency or fire department!

What Makes iPCR A Cost-Effective ePCR Solution?

If you’ve ever purchased a home, you know that what you see isn’t what you get when it comes to the monthly mortgage price. Once you add on taxes and other common expenses, you can be left with a payment that is hundreds of dollars more than the baseline mortgage payment. This concept holds true with electronic patient care reporting software as well.

When you implement ePCR software in your EMS agency or fire department, you’ll pay for more than just the software alone. Hardware, training, IT support, and upgrades add up. With iPCR, these costs are limited without sacrificing quality. In fact, our users find iPCR to be of a higher quality than other ePCR software options on the market! How do we achieve this?

You’ll Spend Less On Hardware

Our Software Runs On The iPad (And More)

The affordability of ePCR software doesn’t matter much if the hardware required to run it costs thousands of dollars per machine. Many electronic patient care reporting options were built to run on Windows. One of the most popular hardware options for this operating system is the Panasonic Toughbook, which can cost thousands of dollars for non-refurbished models.

One of the most cost-effective features of iPCR is that it runs on the iPad. You can outfit your entire crew with various iPad models for a fraction of the cost of doing so with Toughbooks. However, we also understand that many agencies have already purchased Toughbooks or other devices that they would rather not stop using. iPCR runs natively on both iOS and Windows, so you can confidently choose the device of your choice. Back at the office, iPCR runs on Windows for the best administrative experience.

If you choose to run iPCR on iPads, you may also decrease the likelihood of needing to repair or replace hardware. With a robust case and screen protector, iPads are quite durable. They do not have hinges or other moving parts to break, making the likelihood of damaging the device relatively low. It is also lightweight and easy to maneuver, even within the confines of a fast-moving ambulance or fire truck, so users are less likely to accidentally drop the device. Money not spent on repairing or replacing hardware is money that stays in your agency’s budget to cover the services and supplies you need most.

You’ll Spend Less On Training

Initial Training And Ongoing Support At No Cost

Our ePCR software is easy to use, and most people are already exceedingly familiar with the popular iPad interface. These two factors make training on iPCR a breeze. Our team will provide initial product training to your crew at no additional cost, and unlimited ongoing support via phone and web is free as well. The only time you will pay for our support is to facilitate additional live training, which can be helpful in the case of customized integrations. With world-class training and support, you’ll also experience less downtime fixing problems.

You’ll Increase The Likelihood of Reimbursement

Auto-Billing Feature Streamlines Collections

Cost-effective ePCR software shouldn’t just save money — it should bring it in, too. While it would be ideal for EMS and fire crews to be compensated directly after providing treatment, this simply isn’t the case. The best way to decrease turnaround times for insurance agency reimbursements is to use an efficient and accurate billing system. In addition to facilitating your patient care reporting, iPCR also enables your crew to auto-submit reports to the billing company of your choice.

With iPCR, you won’t compromise billing accuracy to achieve this increased speed. In addition to customized form integration and NEMSIS compliance, our ePCR software includes a pre-billing module in which users can thoroughly review information before sending the report off to the billing company. iPCR helps your agency limit mistakes to increase collection percentages.

You’ll Spend Less On IT Support

Easily Access Simple Cloud Updates

With iPCR, updates are simple and fast. When we push out updates, all you need to do is update iPCR on the iPad as you would any other app. There is virtually no downtime and no need to call in an IT team to upgrade software on individual devices. iPCR is cost-effective from day one to day 100 and beyond.

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