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You know how important it is for EMS and fire crews to stay on top of creating patient care reports, but the process is often so cumbersome that keeping up with the task feels impossible or simply not worth your time. iPCR transforms PCR creation from eye-rolling to eye-opening by filling the gaps and eliminating redundant tasks. Keep reading to discover how our ePCR software shines in the field, and keep an eye out throughout this blog post for additional links to more information.

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Because it was created by paramedics, for paramedics, iPCR is packed with features directly inspired by the daily needs of EMTs, firefighter medics, and other EMS professionals. Request a demo today to get your agency on the fast track to better patient care reporting.

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What Are The Field Features Of iPCR?

The following list comprises the iPCR features that EMS and fire crews tend to use most often in the field. That being said, iPCR is flexible enough to accommodate any workflow, and crews always have the option of finishing patient care reports back at the office.

One-Page Electronic Patient Care Reports

With iPCR, we believe creating a simple report should be a simple process. The one-page feature makes it easy to create convenient single-page electronic patient care reports that can be modified to fit any call type, from ALS and BLS to community paramedicine, critical care, and more.

One-Button Narrative

Typing out a narrative for a call right after you’ve completed a patient care report can feel a lot like writing a cover letter to go with a resume — didn’t you just say all of this? iPCR takes the full process of writing a narrative and condenses it into one step. All you need to do is tap a button, and all of the relevant information from the patient care report will populate the narrative. We take it one step further by allowing you to choose your preferred format, too.

Finish-Anywhere Patient Care Reports

Take a moment to imagine yourself back in high school math class on test day. You’re halfway through solving a complex equation, but the bell is going to ring at any second. You need to focus on the task at hand, but there’s another test in the next class as well. Time is running out, and the systematic showing of your work has disintegrated into a mess of numbers and scribbles that may or may not be solving the problem.

Bell rings. Pencils down. Better luck next time.

Finishing a patient care report before the next call isn’t so different from the scenario above, with the added stress of lives being on the line. Trying to wrap up in 10 seconds when you really need 10 minutes will certainly result in an ePCR that is anything but thorough, and you may even make mistakes or leave out crucial information. iPCR lets you finish your report back at the office, where you can lend your full focus to the task. Pick up exactly where you left off in the field with a seamless transition between iOS and Windows.


Text has its place, and we decided to keep it there. Instead of using precious time to copy information from IDs or type out complex descriptions, iPCR lets you snap a photo using the iPad’s built-in camera and include it with your report. You can also integrate agency-specific PDFs to ensure your ePCRs contain all of the information you need in the format you prefer.

Signatures And Sharing

Paperwork has a habit of piling up — the need for one signature can push a task out of the current moment and into a moment that is hours away when you can finally get a hold of the person you need authorization from. With iPCR, signatures work how they should — by moving you forward, not holding you back. Instantly pull saved staff signatures to authorize your reports. Need a signature on-scene? Anyone can sign directly through the iPad’s touch screen. Once the ePCR is complete, fax it off or securely email it to the destination hospital within the iPCR interface.

Instant Data Transfer

Need to get a patient care report from one crew to another? Gone are the days of reading off information for someone else to copy — we eliminated that redundancy so you can focus on more important tasks. With iPCR, sharing patient data is a breeze, not a burden.

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