What Makes iPCR Better?

For EMS agencies and fire departments, reliability is crucial for efficiency and performance. When every day on the job is full of the unexpected, you need to do everything you can to ensure vehicles, equipment, and other supplies work as expected. This includes your agency’s ePCR software. If your crew is frustrated or struggling with the current electronic patient care reporting software implemented by your agency, it’s time for a change — it’s time to make the switch to iPCR!

iPCR is electronic patient care reporting software that takes the stress and complexity out of creating ePCRs. Instead of worrying about paperwork, we believe that emergency medical responders should be able to treat patients and save lives. Patient care reports aren’t going away, which is why we made creating them easier, faster, and more accurate. With iPCR, your crew comes first.

Made By Paramedics, For Paramedics

iPCR is better than other electronic patient care reporting platforms because we designed it to be. We started with users — real EMS and firefighter crews — and asked them what they did and didn’t like about their current ePCR system. Once we understood their needs and wants, we got to work. We crafted every feature and function of iPCR to result in the best possible user experience. EMS agencies and fire departments tested our software in the field, returned to us with feedback, and tested it again after we implemented new fixes and additions. The final result is the ePCR software you can bring to your agency today. Request a demo to get started.

We Didn’t Forget About NEMSIS

iPCR is NEMSIS v3 compliant, period. No one on your crew will have to spend a single minute wondering if the patient care report they just finished after a long shift is good enough for NEMSIS or state-level standards. The iPCR team is always working to ensure our software meets each new version of NEMSIS as soon as possible, so your agency doesn’t miss a beat.

iPCR Is Easy To Learn And Use

iPCR was made by paramedics, for paramedics. We made it as easy to use as possible while still including all of the information you need on your patient care reports. From training to ongoing support, your team becomes our team. New users will learn quickly thanks to iPCR’s intuitive interface and our decision to use the iPad, a device many people are already familiar with. The workflow of our platform aligns with the timeline of a typical EMS call, so users can record patient symptoms, list treatments administered, complete a narrative, and submit relevant information to the billing company of your agency’s choice.

iPCR Can Be Customized For Your Agency Or Department

The logical flow of our software doesn’t overshadow its flexibility. If you already have forms that work well for your agency, consider them a part of iPCR. You can add custom fields or full PDFs to be used at any point in the patient care report creation process. iPCR can seamlessly integrate with other hardware and software, such as monitors, CAD systems, and billing software.

iPCR Is Built For Accuracy

Crews and administrators can collaborate seamlessly through our reports and CQI features, which allow for enhanced review and editing of existing patient care reports. A report can quickly be sent back to the crew member who created it for corrections. Users have multiple opportunities to review the report before submitting to third-party institutions.

EMS agencies and fire departments that use iPCR will benefit from a lower likelihood of post-submission errors that can negatively impact collection turnaround time and other operations. Our secure cloud-based storage system will keep your patient care reports safe and accessible anytime, for future review or in the case of legal matters or audits.

Switching To IPCR Is Simple

Change can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be hard. We want to make switching to iPCR a solution, not a stumbling block. Our team will be by your side for as long as you are a member of the iPCR community. Our product page provides an in-depth look at every feature iPCR has to offer. If you’re interested in seeing how our ePCR software can meet the unique needs of your EMS agency or fire department, request a demo today!

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