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In the Field Features

We created iPCR, an ePCR software, with crews at the forefront of our inspiration for every feature. Our software underwent testing in real-time, on real calls, with actual paramedics. We took their experiences and feedback and translated it into process improvements, additional features, and any other modifications we needed to complete in order to make iPCR the best EPCR software available.

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In the Field with iPCR

Billing for Patient Care Reports

Paramedics, EMTs, firefighter medics, and other EMS professionals know that keeping their focus on the situation at hand is crucial during every call. Caring for patients is the priority, but part of that care involves creating a clear, accurate record that includes symptoms the patient presents, treatments provided, and a narrative of the call. Doing so isn’t easy without the right tools for the job. With iPCR, first responders have everything they need to work in the field, all in one place.





One-Page ePCRs

Simply input all of the necessary patient care report information into one page, for any type of call. With pre-made PCR templates, create clear and accurate records.

One-Button Narratives

Easily input the narrative of the emergency service call, detailing the important events of the scene, with one button. Customize narrative fields for faster and more accurate reporting with the iPCR software.

Finish-Anywhere PCR Cloud Support

All information is saved in the cloud so that you can finish filling in PCRs later or on another supported device. The iPCR software is compatible with both tablets and computers so first responders in the field can have their PCRs show up on a computer in the office instantly.

Add Signatures and Attachments

All PCRs can be signed electronically and any attachments can be added using the app’s software. The iPCR software ensures that PCRs are signed on the spot and every relevant medical record is available for other medical professionals to view right on the PCR.

EPCR Sharing

Upload and share electronic PCRs with the patients, their insurance carriers, and other medical facilities and professionals. Send completed PCRs to billing individually or in batches using the app or on a desktop computer.

Multi-Agency EPCR Copy Transfer

Seamlessly transfer patient care reports from one emergency service crew to another from the app. The next EMS crew can pick up where the first crew left off and be able to see all information relevant to the scene and patient.


  • Web Administration
  • Messaging Center
  • Finish Anywhere
  • Custom Fields
  • Unlimited Tags per iPad
  • Attachments & Photos
  • Support and Training
  • Cloud Updates
  • Signatures & Sharing
  • Security & Storage
  • Patient Care and Other Reports
  • Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)
  • Comprehensive Billing
  • Bump Technology
  • Custom Workflow & Permissions
  • Integration Adapters

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Try iPCR for free with our flexible trial period. With so many options for ePCR software on the market, we understand that testing them out to find the one that’s best for your team is important. Test out our software in real-life scenarios and we’re confident that your crew will love using iPCR. Our free trials come in customizable trial lengths so that your EMS agency or fire department can thoroughly experience all that the software has to offer before you buy. Click the button below to request your free trial today!


ePCR Software for EMS Professionals In the Field

Inspired by the real-world experience of first responders, iPCR was built to handle the daily tasks of patient care reporting. Our goal is to transform loads of paperwork into simple, digital documents that capture every piece of vital patient information as quickly as possible. For more information about our ePCR software, contact us today, or request a free trial!

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