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Billing Features

Billing is an extremely useful and important tool that comes as a part of our iPCR software for EMT and fire department teams. With our billing feature, your team is able to submit patient care reports (PCRs) right in the app, send them manually or automatically, post them individually or in batches, and review them before they’re sent out. Help make your data more accurate than with paper filing with iPCR.

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Billing for Patient Care Reports

Every EMS team and fire department needs to be equipped with a software that allows them to set-up billing with their patients. Submitting a patient care report to billing is a crucial step in securing reimbursements for your agency. The first piece of the puzzle is having a clear, accurate, and thorough patient care report to submit from the get-go. With iPCR, your crew is covered thanks to a multitude of features and customization tools that ensure all the data you need makes it onto the PCR (and that the data complies with NEMSIS and state standards).

Submit PCRs in the App

Send PCRs Automatically or Manually

Ppst PCRs Individually or in Batches

Review PCRs in the Pre-Billing Module

Submit PCRs in the App

We’ve made submitting patient care reports (PCRs) easy with our iPCR software. Cut the confusion and time that goes into making paper PCRs. Submit PCRs in the app, right when you’re on the scene.

Send PCRs Automatically or Manually

The iPCR software allows you to choose between sending your PCRs automatically or manually. Choosing to submit them automatically saves precious time. Choose an option in the app’s settings.

Post PCRs Individually or In Batches

Submit PCRs either individually or in batches, saving time. Your EMT or EMS team can review and post batches of PCRs all at once. This is especially helpful if there are more than one PCRs needing to be filled out at one scene.

Review PCRs in the Pre-Billing Section

Preview PCRs before sending them to the billing company with the Pre-Billing module of the app. Ensure that there are no errors and make any corrections, if needed, before being sent over.

Reduce Errors

All PCRs are easily editable in the iPCR app. Opposed to paper PCRs and other software, iPCR allows the user to make changes to patient care reports before they’re officially sent out.

Increase Collection Percentages

When your team uses iPCR’s software, expect collection percentages to increase. With how fast, and error-free the PCRs will be, billing companies will be able to make payments a lot quicker.


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  • Messaging Center
  • Finish Anywhere
  • Custom Fields
  • Unlimited Tags per iPad
  • Attachments & Photos
  • Support and Training
  • Cloud Updates
  • Signatures & Sharing
  • Security & Storage
  • Patient Care and Other Reports
  • Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)
  • Comprehensive Billing
  • Bump Technology
  • Custom Workflow & Permissions
  • Integration Adapters

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Try iPCR for free with our flexible trial period. With so many options for ePCR software on the market, we understand that testing them out to find the one that’s best for your team is important. Test out our software in real-life scenarios and we’re confident that your crew will love using iPCR. Our free trials come in customizable trial lengths so that your EMS agency or fire department can thoroughly experience all that the software has to offer before you buy. Click the button below to request your free trial today!


iPCR iPad Software for Patient Care Reporting

Inspired by the real-world experience of first responders, iPCR was built to handle the daily tasks of patient care reporting. Our goal is to transform loads of paperwork into simple, digital documents that capture every piece of vital patient information as quickly as possible. For more information about our ePCR software, contact us today or request a free trial!

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