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NEMSIS Compliance

ePCR Software You Can Rely On

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iPCR Lets You Take Care of People, Not Paperwork

When you’re delivering life-saving care in the field, you don’t have time to think about whether your patient care reports are NEMSIS compliant. On the other hand, neglecting this national standard for ePCRs can backfire for your agency. With iPCR, every electronic patient care report you create is already NEMSIS compliant — but we didn’t stop there. We built our software around the user experience first, and then made sure the end result was NEMSIS-ready. Every electronic patient care report you complete will meet NEMSIS and state standards, and our software automatically submits the data to the state in real time. With iPCR, efficiency and compliance go hand in hand.


Thanks to NEMSIS-3 compliant iPCR, your agency will:


  • Maintain quality electronic patient care reports
  • Stay up to date with national data collection standards
  • Support research efforts requiring EMS data
  • Influence the development of national EMS training curricula
  • Contribute crucial data regarding future EMS system development
  • Provide valuable information to evaluate patient outcomes
  • Facilitate data sharing between state and local agencies

Smart Software Created by Paramedics, for Paramedics

Your crew has each other’s backs, even in the most stressful situations. Shouldn’t your technology have your back, too? With typical software, creating electronic patient care reports can be, at best, a burden — and at worse, a risk for errors and oversights. We created iPCR to be reliable, not a liability. Our software was designed and continues to be updated based on field testing and direct input from paramedics and other EMS professionals. We researched, reviewed, and revised until we successfully implemented everything you need in ePCR software. With highlighted required fields, preview modules, and automated features to fill in redundant information, your agency will reduce errors and improve reimbursement turnaround.

iPCR also includes features that support:

  • One-page ePCRs
  • One-button narrative
  • Finish-anywhere capabilities
  • Attachments, signatures, and sharing
  • Custom workflows and forms
  • Seamless CQI process
  • Native PC and iPad compatibility
  • Comprehensive billing module
  • Full agency integration
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When looking for the best ePCR software for EMS agencies, fire departments, and other emergency health services, the ability to try before you buy is crucial. At iPCR, we offer a flexible free trial period without hard cutoffs. We believe that every agency should be able to thoroughly test our software for the amount of time that suits their workload, crew size, and other factors. Check out real-life stories of EMS agencies and fire departments that have switched to iPCR, and click the button below to request your free trial.


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