iPCR Makes The Patient Processing Experience Faster

Creating a patient care report is a crucial step for every call. From dispatch to transfer of care, documenting every detail will ultimately put you, your crew, your agency, additional care providers, and the patient in a better place.

When you can create a PCR quickly, you help your patient in the long run. If the patient will be transported to a hospital, a timely patient care report will help inform medical care providers of the treatments you’ve completed before arrival. This will enable them to quickly deliver necessary care. A PCR completed at the conclusion of or shortly after the call also supports a clearer, more accurate insurance and billing process for the patient. In a non-emergency situation, having the patient care report ready as soon as possible enables the patient to review and sign off on the information. This can be crucial down the line in the event of legal or billing disputes, and it gives the patient a chance to feel more included in their evaluation and care.

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iPCR Electronic Patient Care Reporting Leads To More Attentive Care

When paramedics can create accurate, thorough patient care reports quickly and easily, this improves their ability to pay attention to the person who truly needs them: the patient. At iPCR, we know how crucial patient care reports are to EMS and fire agencies — PCR is our job, after all! At the same time, we also know that the patient is the number-one priority. Without a patient, we wouldn’t need these reports in the first place. Our electronic patient care reporting software helps ensure that paramedics can spend less time and effort on their PCRs, so they can be more attentive to the needs of their patients. When patients feel seen, heard, and validated, this can promote better outcomes and reduce the stress of their experience.

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Patients Can Easily Sign iPCR Patient Care Reports

Obtaining a patient signature is a key component of a complete PCR. Whether a patient continues to a hospital for treatment, refuses transport against medical advice, or simply doesn’t require transport to a hospital, a signature is your best defense against legal or insurance-related problems down the road. It’s also in the best interest of the patient that they (or their guardian or a family member) sign the PCR.

iPCR is incredibly accessible and easy to sign, thanks to the iPad. Many patients may struggle to hold a pen or complete a signature on a laptop with a stylus. You may also realize you don’t have a pen handy. With iPCR, the patient can simply write their signature with their finger. With iPCR’s electronic patient care reports, the patient, guardian, or family member who is signing the report can more easily read the content, be it the narrative or the AMA (Against Medical Advice) statement.

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iPCR Patient Care Reports Provide A Clear Treatment History

When completed thoroughly and accurately, the patient care report becomes an incredibly useful part of the patient’s medical records. We built our software to include a multitude of features that support the creation of detailed, legible, error-free patient care reports. Not only is this better for the paramedics and the agency in terms of insurance reimbursements, accurate recordkeeping, and audit protection, but it’s also ideal for the patient to have complete and detailed documentation of their care, especially if this documentation needs to be accessed by medical personnel at the destination hospital. This enables doctors and other medical professionals to provide ongoing treatment based on symptoms recorded on-scene, paramedic-provided treatment, and additional medical history.

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iPCR Simplifies The Medical Billing Process

While insurance companies are notoriously difficult to deal with, from confusing policies to slow processes, you can help improve the process with electronic patient care reports from iPCR. This is great for patients, who rely on patient care reports as evidence of the treatment they received and support for the necessity of ongoing care if they were transported to a hospital. When the insurance company can easily see that on-scene medical care and ambulance transport were necessary services for the patient, they will be more likely to reimburse your agency rather than sending the bill to the patient. When you have iPCR, you have all the tools you need to support better patient care reports that help you avoid leaving your patients with unnecessary bills. That’s certainly great for them!

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