Why The iPad Is The Best Device For Fire And EMS ePCR

Patient care reports are a necessary piece of fire and EMS operations. Having records of patient conditions from every call is crucial to ensuring proper medical care, accurate billing, and ongoing access to important information if the need arises. However, if the process of creating PCRs is inefficient or results in illegible, error-riddled reports, these useful documents become a problem of their own. Choosing ePCR over handwritten reports is a step in the right direction, and running this software on the iPad is a sprint across the finish line. Why is the iPad the best device for your fire or EMS crew to use for generating ePCRs? We’re happy to answer that in this blog post!

iPCR is an ePCR software designed specifically for the iPad. If you want to equip your crew with the best ePCR solutions for fire and EMS, then iPCR is the answer. Contact us to learn more about how our software makes creating patient care reports faster, easier, and more accurate than ever before.

Intuitive, User-Friendly Interface

Perhaps the most important benefit of using the iPad for ePCR software is that most people already know how to use this popular device. Even if someone has never used an iPad, it’s easy to learn. In fact, many schools utilize iPads in elementary classrooms because of their ease of use. Making selections and navigating between apps is convenient and intuitive thanks to the touch screen. Starting, resetting, and powering down the device is simple as well. Because of how easy the iPad is to use, the training process for iPCR is fast and efficient. This means less time learning and more time delivering live-saving service to the community.

Lightweight Design And Easy Handling

Fire and EMS crews carry a lot of responsibility, and they also carry a lot of equipment! The last thing you want is to burden your fire and ambulance personnel with a bulky, heavy laptop for creating ePCRs. Most iPad models weigh just over one pound, making them much lighter than traditional fire/EMS computer choices. The iPad also eliminates the need for a keyboard, mouse, or trackpad. However, you can equip the device with a keyboard cover or stylus for added input options. The flexibility and easy handling of the iPad makes generating ePCRs easier for emergency crews, so they can be available for the next call as soon as possible.

Cost Efficient

Budgets for fire and ambulance services can be tight, which means the devices you choose for your crew need to be affordable without skimping on quality. The iPad is a cost-efficient choice compared to many laptops currently used by many agencies. We have received direct feedback from our clients that they were able to purchase multiple iPads for the cost of one laptop. Funding shouldn’t affect your ability to save lives, but tight finances are a harsh reality for many emergency services. We chose to run iPCR on the iPad so that more fire and EMS crews could have access to this cutting-edge technology without going over budget.

Easy Implementation

The iPad itself is readily available and easy to order from a number of online and physical retailers. Running the iPCR software on the iPad is quick and easy. There is no downtime for your system, no technical roundabouts, and no complicated installation process. Simply turn on the iPad, download the app, and you’re ready to go (after training, of course). You won’t have to wait for an IT specialist to perform complicated installations on every crewmember’s computer — each person can simply download the app at the same time. Upgrades are a breeze, too. Just initiate an update as you would with any other app to keep iPCR current.

Multiple Use Cases

Specialized products are often only useful in specialized applications, but this isn’t the case for iPCR on the iPad. Our ePCR software is certainly specialized, but the iPad is one of the most versatile computing devices available. You can download countless useful apps for your fire or EMS crew to use in the station and in the field. From GPS navigation and scheduling to helpful references and task management, you can cover all your logistical bases with apps for the iPad. By equipping your crew with iPCR on the iPad, you give them the best ePCR software on the market and the ability to include more useful apps.

Request More Information About iPCR For Generating Faster, Better ePCRs

When you provide your fire and ambulance medics with iPCR on the iPad, you’re giving them the best ePCR software available, on the best device for the job. We are dedicated to supporting your emergency crew so they can continue to save lives and protect the community. If you’re ready to learn more about iPCR and how it can streamline your ePCR processes, contact us today.