Does Your Agency Need to Be NEMSIS-Compliant?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes! NEMSIS compliance is a crucial part of operating as a successful and legitimate fire department or EMS agency. Not only will adhering to the guidelines of NEMSIS improve your entity’s standing on a state and federal level, but it will also benefit your service internally and enhance your ability to serve your local community. In this blog post, we’ll explain why NEMSIS is so important and reveal how your EMS or fire agency can create NEMSIS-compliant ePCRs while saving time and effort.

iPCR is comprehensive electronic patient care reporting software you can rely on to keep all of your ePCRs in line with state and federal standards without being weighed down. Our software is fast and flexible, allowing you to customize your forms and workflows to ensure every report is easy for you to create. With iPCR, your crew can be ready to answer every call without letting paperwork get in the way. Get a free trial of iPCR or contact us for more information!

Maintain the Quality of Your ePCRs

When you have guidelines to follow, you have an easier time producing accurate and consistent information. When it comes to creating ePCRs, these two factors are crucial. Your crew is working on the go in a stressful and fast-paced environment, which means that tasks like patient care reporting need to be as seamless and intuitive as possible. They truly do not have the luxury of thinking through the report in detail every time they take a call, because they need to focus on the patient. Using NEMSIS-compliant ePCR software takes the burden off your crew while still allowing for electronic patient care reports that have all the required information.

Stay on Top of National Standards

NEMSIS is always updating their standards, but that doesn’t mean you should be on the hook for changing your processes every time they adjust their guidelines. At iPCR, we take the responsibility upon ourselves to make sure our software is always updated with the latest NEMSIS standards, so medical first responders can focus on delivering quality care.

Support EMS-Related Research, Training, and Development

One of the purposes of NEMSIS is to establish a national standard of data collection for EMS agencies. This standardization is a crucial component of maximizing the usability of the data and ensuring that all necessary information is submitted. When you use NEMSIS-compliant electronic patient care reporting software like iPCR, you’re supporting this national effort to streamline data collection for the betterment of ongoing research, training, and development that will help EMS to thrive on a national, state, and local level.

Provide Valuable Information Regarding Patient Outcomes

NEMSIS isn’t just for the benefit of EMS agencies, but also for the benefit of those whom the agencies serve. As medical personnel, your crews care deeply for each and every patient they care for. Having a standardized method of documenting that care is essential to evaluating how EMS agencies are serving their communities. This data is used to evaluate patient outcomes on a large scale, and those evaluations are then used to adjust emergency medical services to ensure the best outcomes possible.

Experience the Benefits of Instant NEMSIS Compliance with iPCR!

If you’re frustrated with cumbersome or outdated electronic patient care reporting methods, the power to change is in your hands! Upgrade the easy way by switching to iPCR and enjoy automatic NEMSIS compliance in addition to countless other features that transform paperwork into digital bliss. View an online demonstration, learn more about our free trial, and request more information today!