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If your EMS agency or fire department is experiencing slowdowns, errors, reduced collection percentages, or any other obstacles due to inefficient patient care reporting, sign up for a free trial of iPCR. Our ePCR software is built to respond quickly and work hard — just like your crew. iPCR includes everything you need to create patient care reports in compliance with the latest version of NEMSIS with less effort and more efficiency. iPCR delivers a simple, app-like experience with the capabilities of connective, integration-ready software.



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  • Fast, responsive user interface
  • Instant NEMSIS Gold compliance
  • One-button narrative and finish-anywhere capabilities
  • Customize your processes and forms
  • Automatic and batch billing submission
  • Compatible with the iPad and your existing hardware
  • Integration with monitors, CAD, and other equipment


Become an Efficient, Technology-Driven Agency

Technology is constantly evolving, and keeping pace with the innovations it brings is crucial for fire and EMS agencies. We understand that changing your technology or adopting new processes can be challenging — but the benefits far outweigh the initial time, effort, and cost. iPCR removes all of the cumbersome tasks and frustrating workarounds that are slowing down your crew and replaces them with fast, functional, and feature-rich processes for creating clear and accurate electronic patient care reports


iPCR: Who Are We?

The iPCR team includes medical application software developers and EMS industry experts dedicated to providing your crew with cutting-edge ePCR technology. We make technology work for you to ensure your patient care reporting processes as fast, simple, and thorough — this translates into saving more lives. Try iPCR for free and see why so many agencies choose us as their total solution for on-scene and transport patient care

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We understand that different agencies have different needs. Whether you’re an EMS service in a rural area, a fire department in the big city, or a combined emergency service agency, we can provide you with the appropriate free trial length to suit your operation’s size and service capacity. The iPCR team wants you to have all the time you need to thoroughly test our ePCR software with your crew. We’ll walk you through setup and training so you can get started as soon as possible. We’re confident you’ll be more than satisfied with your experience. Use the buttons below to view an online demonstration of iPCR or to request your free trial now


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