1. Very Helpful

    Hi Breanna! I just wanted to say Thank You, to you and the staff at Forté Holdings. Your service has been very helpful throughout our our process of integration, set-up, training, and everything in between.…Read More

    Chad, Ohio
  2. Service Has Been Great

    The service has been great!! We are well on our way to getting all the crews trained and ready to start live with the IPCR next Monday.…Read More

    Cynthia, Kentucky
  3. Great Customer Service

    Another testament to your great customer service.…Read More

    Nathan, New York
  4. Very Helpful

    You and your company have been very helpful with our implementation of the iPCR billing software. All questions have been answered in a timely manner.…Read More

    Brian, Kentucky
  5. Thanks Again

    Your customer service was and always is excellent. Thanks again.…Read More

    Evan, New York
  6. Customer Service Skills Are Top Notch

    Thank you so very much for consistently following and checking up on us. Your customer service skills are top notch. Each time I contact support, I can count on a phone call from you ensuring resolution of my problems. Furthermore, you consistently check up on us to see how things are going and are happy to help us get in contact with the…Read More

    Mark, Virginia
  7. Always Fast With Replies

    I would say you have taken care of us with everything, you are always fast with replies, hard to get from some places since we are such a small account. Thanks for all you do.…Read More

    Bobby, Texas
  8. Outstanding Support

    We have had nothing but outstanding support from the iPCR / Forté holdings staff and you are an exemplary model of what we have come to expect. Your prompt service, willingness to work with us and overall demeanor are representative of what customer service should be. Once again, we appreciate all of your assistance.…Read More

    Ronak, Illinois
  9. Thank You For Your Help

    Thank you for your help in getting us on the right track for this program!! I will pass the word to our medical team. You are the best, answered all my questions, and were (as always) friendly and helpful!!…Read More

    Amy, California
  10. Friendly Approach

    I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to Breanna and Mandy for working with me. There were a lot of questions and scenarios to work through. We are equally excited to work with a company who seems to be as progressive as we are. Everyone I have spoken to from the kind phone receptionist (who is very cheerful and even knows my name at this point and asks how we are doing) to the engineers …Read More

    Mark, Virginia