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Standard Features Of iPCR

Every iPCR tier includes:

Web Administration

Customize and set up your iPCR software from a standard PC for use in the office. This makes it easy for administration staff and first responders to work together and establish a homebase.

Messaging Center

The iPCR internal messaging feature makes it easy for supervisors to privately email individual employees. It can also be used for communication within the office. This feature makes it incredibly simple to discuss daily tasks and feedback regarding calls and PCRs.

Finish-Anywhere PCR

Flexibility is paramount for first responders who are always on the go. We built iPCR with the understanding that not every patient care report can be completed in the field. Come back to the station, log in, and you’ll have easy access to complete or make corrections to any reports.

Cloud-Based Updates And Remote Storage

With iPCR, your crew won’t have to worry about downtime when the software is ready for an update. Simply download the update through the App Store, log in, and you’re ready to go. You’ll save valuable time with no need for IT professionals to schedule onsite updates. We make it as easy as possible for your crew to focus on their jobs, disruption free. Our remote servers automatically store every PCR, so after each PCR is completed, you’ll never have to worry about loss or misplacement.

Attachments, Signatures, And Hospital Faxing

Users can take pictures using the iPad’s built-in camera for more thorough documentation that supplements text data. iPCR also has the capability for PDFs to be built into the software and integrate with the patient care reports. Staff signatures can be stored for more efficient authorization. If these documents need to be signed by someone outside of the organization, this can be done easily with the iPad’s touchscreen. After completion, the PCR can be instantly faxed to the destination hospital.

Phone And Web Support And Training

Every package tier of iPCR includes unlimited phone and email support. No matter how big or small your operation is, we are dedicated to answering your questions and supporting your team in all the ways they use iPCR. You can reach our toll-free, U.S.-based phone support as many times as you need.

After you sign up for iPCR, your crew will receive a free product training. If you want more walkthroughs or information on using iPCR in unique situations, personalized training can be delivered onsite for an additional fee. We want to make sure your team feels comfortable and confident using our ePCR software, so please don’t hesitate to reach out for support.

Custom Field Creation And Repeat Patient Setup

Include all the information you need in a PCR with custom fields. No need to work around preset templates and risk missing data or inaccurate interpretation of PCRs. With a feature for repeat patients, your crew can save time with zero need for redundant data entry.

Unlimited Tags
Per iPad

First responders are dedicated to saving as many lives as possible. In mass-casualty situations, this dedication is on in full force. With iPCR, you won’t have to worry about tag overages or taking time to make adjustments to a plan. We give you unlimited tags, no questions asked, so your crew can focus on every need. There is no need to monitor your tag usage as it relates to the cost of your package.

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Enhanced Features Of iPCR

In addition to everything above, you’ll get:

Reports And CQI

Web administrators can easily access and download a variety of reports from our default templates on the web-based iPCR model. They also receive the ability to flag PCRs for future CQI (continuous quality improvement) and auditing needs. With the CQI feature, medics are notified of flagged PCRs so they can efficiently make corrections and resubmit when needed. This makes accurate data collection much easier than paper methods.

Integration Adapter

Does your operation use other products that would benefit from integrating with iPCR? We offer an Integration Adapter that makes it easy for you to link additional tools, such as monitors, CAD systems, and billing software to avoid the need for repetitive data entry. This feature is sure to save time and reduce errors, and we highly recommend it if you make use of additional technologies that make use of patient data.

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Enterprise Features Of iPCR

In addition to everything above, you’ll get:

Direct Billing Submission And Pre-Billing Module

Submit PCRs to the billing company of your choice individually or as a manual or automatic batch. We also offer a preview feature, the Pre-Billing Module, as an added step to ensure PCR is error-free before being sent to the billing company. This extra opportunity to review and make corrections easily pays off by increasing collection percentages!


Imagine being able to transfer a completed PCR to another first responder by simply touching iPads. With the bump technology provided on the iPCR Enterprise tier, you can! You’ll waste no time reading off info for someone else to copy — the data is transferred immediately, exactly as you see it on your own device. When sharing patient data is this easy, you’ll hardly notice you’re doing it. Bump technology is another way iPCR saves time, so first responders can save lives.

Custom Workflow And Permissions

The custom workflow and permissions features allow you to completely tailor iPCR to your operation. Designate security roles for users to ensure access is managed appropriately, and build out the PCR creation process from start to finish. This is a great option if you need to integrate iPCR into existing protocols or modify the default workflow to meet unique specifications.

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