1. It Has Been An Honor

    Kealan, thank you again for your kindness and consideration. It has been an honor, privilege and a personal pleasure to work with you today. Thank you for thoroughly answering all of my questions. I sincerely appreciate your attentiveness and professionalism.…Read More

    Keith, Georgia
  2. Prompt, Courteous Service

    Thank you for the prompt, courteous service that you provided today. Your communication with me about software issues was clear, concise and user friendly, which is important since topics like these are challenging to a non-computer geek like me!…Read More

    Dennis, Ohio
  3. Our Very First Client

    Our very first client with iPCR told me something that I believe is amazing. The client said 'No one, not even that first crew member, complained about the program.…Read More

    Linda, Kentucky
  4. Great Job

    Thanks for your help today! You did a great job!…Read More

    Susan, Pennsylvania
  5. Very Responsive

    iPCR offers training, listens to customer feedback, provides resources to educators and students, and most importantly, is reliable. If I have a question, I know I can reach the technical support staff immediately. They are very responsive.…Read More

    Sam, California
  6. Friendly and Easy to Train On

    iPCR is user friendly and easy to train on. You can go through and see everything easily and be completely paperless. There are no instructions needed. It really is pick up and go.…Read More

    Kelly, California
  7. Thank You

    Thank you for being so helpful with solving my tech issues. It is really refreshing to be able to contact tech support and not only get someone friendly but knowledgeable! It is customer service like yours that keeps us using Forté!…Read More

    Adriana, California
  8. Professionalism and Expertise in My Data Conversion

    I would like to thank the Forté tech support staff for their professionalism, and expertise in my data conversion transition. The entire staff should receive a thumbs' up. I look forward to continue using Forté for my software needs.…Read More

    John, Virginia
  9. Most Helpful

    The technical support staff has been most helpful with identifying our challenges and providing us with solutions. They have excellent communication skills, I can clearly understand the course of action to take.…Read More

    Wade, Missouri
  10. Very Knowledgeable

    The technical support staff is prompt and very knowledgeable about all of the software's capabilities. I would recommend your software program to any company, big or small that wanted to excel and utilize the latest technology available.…Read More

    Peggy, Kansas